Why you should choose regional food?

  1. It’s super fresh (You and the food)
  2. Less packaging is involved
  3. You get to know the people behind the potatoe
  4. Possibility to buy “second grade” fruits/vegetables etc. that some stores won’t buy in
  5. Supporting locals may add jobs in your region what is good for local economy overall. If your farmer is supported he maybe needs the help from the local mechanical to repair his truck or car etc.
    You kind of help your neighbors by circulating the money in the community.
  6. Reduces the environmental impact -> fewer miles, fewer fossil fuel, less traffic congestion in transportation!
  7. You can buy in bulk that saves money
  8. It keeps your community unique
  9. Feel free to suggest more advantages!

Tip: There are several solutions for regional food delivery around the world. Maybe there is one right where you live.



This post will be updated occasionally. Please leave a comment for any suggestions!

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