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You are at your hotel and really enjoy a good cup of coffee and have some pancakes. You chat with the waiter about the weather, these Icebears behind that window and ask if they could be more….”agile”. The kids from the neighbour table already ask if all polarbears are that boring and continue to play with their phones.


Yes…. 24/7. No Sunlight and concrete  floor. F*** humanity. Are you also ashamed to be a human? 

Unfortunately this is just the Icebearg (pun intended).

Most of us have been in a zoo. Me too. Did you learn something there? According to recent studies, children do not learn anything and are more stupid than before.

Polar bears don’t usually sit on rocks all day while waving their heads.

“But zoo’s can inspire children to get more informed about animals! If they disappear how can we make our kids to “fans” of penguins? Seeing them maybe inspires to become “animal right activists”.

Have you ever seen a T-Rex? They are really cool right? And there are TONS of dinosaur fans out there.

So what can I do about it?

You can build AWARENESS!  

  • sign petitions
  • write (friendly) E-Mails to Zoo’s / Waterparks etc. that you don’t want this 
  • give constructive (but in the end 1 star) reviews on google 
  • make a video or post on social media / Youtube
  • tell your kids what the problem is
  • don’t goo to zoo’s / waterparks …
  • make a  presentation in your school if you can choose a topic
  • vote for the right political parties

I know it sounds like this wont help much. But it does in the long run. The more such companies get backfired for things like that the more they will be forced to change. All that matters is money. If you don’t go there (and make that clear), they won’t get your money.



just a thought…


If there are extraterrestial lifeforms looking at us. They see the planet and its various forms of life. First they stumble upon a whale and discover its beauty.

The green one says pointing to a shark “ak ak nak nak”. Let me translate: “It seens to be very intelligent and important to the ecosystem!” 

No planet they visited before was so full of life.

Then they see us (however they could not see us in the first place but thats my story). 

Humans… Killing and torturing animals in a way and quantity that has nothing to do with “surviving”. 
When they continue” …the yellow one says… “All beauty is gone“.

What do you think they would do?m

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